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  • Are you living life but it feels like you are just kinda surviving? 
  • Does life feel like a hamster wheel to you? 
  • And even though you know deep down that you have it in you to do great things with your life, something seems to be holding you back
  • You might feel stressed, restless, frustrated, and anxious at times and you want to make a change, but you don’t know where and how to start


Here’s the secret:

The reason why you are feeling this way is not what you have been told and the solution is not what you think. These negative emotions and most major problems, financial, relationship and health problems are the result of the bigger life inside of you that is trying to emerge.

You have been taught to change things on the outside, like get another degree or work harder, but that will never bring you the happiness and success you are seeking. You need to start by looking inside. 

Most likely you have been holding the real you back because early on in life you received the message from your immediate environment that it is not ok to be you and to share yourself and it wasn’t safe to speak your truth without negative consequences!

There may have been judgment about your behavior which lead to a sense of not feeling worthy or capable enough. It’s like the real you is trapped somewhere inside of you, and the lack of emotional and creative expression is causing the distress in your life. 

Not expressing what’s inside of you causes you to shrink yourself into a small life, where you hide away and let others do, because subconsciously you feel that what you have to say is not valuable.

You might rather go with others opinions, trying to blend in, instead of expressing your own. 

You may advise others and help them succeed, and you might have acted on your inner drive to share yourself here and there, but then you go back to what feels safe. Inside though you are fuming because you know that your soul has so much to express and offer to the world.

You possibly doubt your own inner guidance and it is hard for you to trust yourself, others and life. 

You might think that you have to do everything alone and there is no support for you when you need it. 

This can also lead you to feel the urge to do and achieve more and more, but no matter how hard you work, it never seems to be good enough and there is never a true, lasting feeling of satisfaction coming from these accomplishments.

And spinning your wheels like that for a while is exhausting and what worked before stops working suddenly and things may even get worse. There are very specific reasons for that. 

If you want to live your full potential you will need to find the origins of the core wounds that have created a certain life path for you. 

No matter where you are in your life right now.

In this self-guided online program (optional private coaching calls available) we will help you unravel the story of your life that has led to your current life experience, so that you can heal the true reasons for whatever is causing you to not live life fully. 

If we don’t discover and release the source of our problems, our life becomes stagnant, it may be hard to generate enough money and we will experience health and relationship issues.

But if we have the courage to go on this self-discovery journey, we quickly find out that all these early, painful wounds were there to build certain structures and lessons for us and we find out how they actually became blessings in disguise.

Our Master Yourself – Master Your Life Program is for you if you have this inner fire and a burning desire to finally be heard and seen and taken serious as your authentic self, because you have so much to say that you withheld from the world. Now you are done and tired of hiding in the shadows.

It’s your time to demonstrate to the world that you are strong, your heart is open and you are supported by life! It’s your time to shine and claim the recognition instead of leaving it to others! 

You will receive 9 easy to follow Modules with 49 life changing video lessons, downloadable exercise sheets and healing meditations .  $3,000 VALUE!

Optional private coaching calls are available should you need additional support. You can schedule sessions on the homepage or click the black button below!   

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Course Outline

Module 1 – The Importance of Your Inner Game


📹 ⇨ 01. – Introduction
📹 ⇨ 02. – Our Thoughts and Our Sponsoring Thoughts
📹 ⇨ 03. – How Our Mind Works
📹 ⇨ 04. – The Two Subconscious Pillars for Long-Term Confidence and Success


Module 2 – Changing Your Personal History


📹 ⇨ 01. – The Principle of Regression
📹 ⇨ 02. – The 12 Steps That Will Give You Back Your Superpower – Integration Technique
📹 ⇨ 03. – Floor Regression Technique
🎧 ⇨ 04. – Guided Regression Trance Exercise


Module 3 – The First Steps to True Confidence


📹 ⇨ 01. – Non-Beneficial Beliefs About Importance & Significance
📹 ⇨ 02. – Eliminate Limiting Beliefs About Importance & Significance
📹 ⇨ 03. – Bonus – Weaknesses or Strengths – What Should I Focus On


Module 4 – Anxiety and Irrational Fears


📹 ⇨ 01. – What is Anxiety and Stress, REALLY?
📹 ⇨ 02. – Why the Mind Creates Anxiety and How to Let it Go
📹 ⇨ 03. – The Fear of Being Alone
📹 ⇨ 04. – Irrational Fears – Your Mind’s False Interpretations of Safety and Danger
📹 ⇨ 05. – Exercises to STOP Panic Attacks and Irrational Fears


Module 5 – Let go of the Fear of Failure and Feel Secure


📹 ⇨ 01. – What is Worthiness and Deservingness
📹 ⇨ 02. – Exercises to Increase Your Deservingness and Worthiness
📹 ⇨ 03. – The Fear of Failure
📹 ⇨ 04. – Exercises to Decrease the Fear of Failure
📹 ⇨ 05. – Your Inner and Outer Security
📹 ⇨ 06. – Exercises to Increase Your Inner Security
📹 ⇨ 07. – How to Decode Your Fears and Find Their Real Meanings…


Module 6 – Uncovering Your True Power and Becoming Resourceful


📹 ⇨ 01. – Belief Patterns That Hold us Back
📹 ⇨ 02. – Manipulation and the Dangers of it
📹 ⇨ 03. – Your Personal Power and How to Claim it
📹 ⇨ 04. – Helplessness, Powerlessness, Defenselessness, Weakness
📹 ⇨ 05. – Exercises to Become Creative and Resourceful
📹 ⇨ 06. – Creating Your Vision of Confidence
📹 ⇨ 07. – Deep Theta Meditation for Relaxation, Confidence, Better Sleep and Success


Module 7 – Forgiveness, Purpose and a Meaningful Life


📹 ⇨ 01. – Why is it so Important to Forgive?
📹 ⇨ 02. – Our Higher Purpose and Why We Must Uncover it
🎧 ⇨ 03. – Visualization Exercise to Step Into a Meaningful Life
📹 ⇨ 04. – Rob Szentes Signature Trauma Healing Technique
📹 ⇨ 05. – How to Decode Negative Emotions & Find the Limiting Beliefs & Shadows Behind Them
📹 ⇨ 06. – What’s Next?


Module 8 – Healing Soundtracks and Subliminals


📹 ⇨ 01. – Letting Go – Healing Music
📹 ⇨ 02. – Ancestral Healing Music
📹 ⇨ 03. – Get Quality Rest – Subliminal
📹 ⇨ 04. – Have High Confidence – Subliminal
📹 ⇨ 05. – Secret Door to Success – Subliminal
🎧 ⇨ 06. – Supercharge Your Healing – Love of Life Hypnosis

🎧 ⇨ 07. – Fall Asleep – Help for Insomnia and sleeplessness


Bonus Module – The 3 Most Common Money Manifestation Blocks


📹 ⇨ 01. – Introduction – The 3 Different Ways of Making Money
📹 ⇨ 02. – The 3 Money Manifestation Blocks
📹 ⇨ 03. – How to Find the Hidden Beliefs That Sabotage You
📹 ⇨ 04. – Discovering Your Money and Success Saboteurs
📹 ⇨ 05. – Money Meditation Exercise to Release the Blockages

What Our Clients Are Saying

You may have just struck gold

If you’re new to coaching consider yourself lucky, because depending on how much work you’re willing to put in and how honest you’re willing to be with yourself, you may have just struck gold. This is an absolutely amazing course!

If words could only describe how good the content in this course is. Even though I’ve previously experienced the power of hypnosis as well as NLP coaching, and even some NLP training, I was still having doubts about how effective this stuff can be. Sometimes when you’re in the forest of thoughts and emotions, it’s hard to see the wood from the trees. Let me tell you, this stuff is powerful. I have dedicated a big portion of my life to learning about self-help, and more recently about NLP/Hypnosis and the unconscious mind.

But, I really didn’t have a full grasp on how to put it all together, nor did I know how deep the rabbit hole went. Spoiler, it goes pretty deep. Luckily, Robert has a way of putting it all together. He definitely brings the voice of clarity, and helps one see light with these deep and complex issues, and does it in a gracefully simplistic way.

On a personal note, without going into too much detail, I recently realized that I had some major resentment towards certain family member/s. I was drinking a ton, I stopped exercising, was having panic attacks and other health issues. Just 3/4 the way into Roberts course and coaching sessions, I completely quit drinking, among other bad habits that just seemed to have been following me for years.

I work out just about every day. I still have some slight resentment, but I have a deeper understanding of said individual and the original emotional charge is down from about an 8/10 to a 3/10 (pretty good), and I have a deeper and wider scope of understanding of how I relate to them and others in my family. I also have increased assertiveness. It has completely changed the dynamic of the relationship.

The tactics that they used to use don’t work anymore, they know, I know, and most importantly they can feel it. They can feel the strength of the healthy boundary, and they have no other choice other than to relate in a different way. Respect is now there. This is huge. When you change how you relate to yourself, your past etc. it changes how people see you and treat you.

I will be going over this material quite a bit. I think it’s really important to have a good understanding of oneself and others, and really want to have this stuff locked down. Thanks again Robert, I look forward to, and can’t wait for future trainings with you.

Michael V. Batavia OH