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  • Truly Heal Yourself at the Unconscious Level
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We are transformational teachers and healers. We help people overcome past, complex traumas and significant emotional events, so they can improve the quality of their lives. Only when we heal ourselves at the unconscious level can we feel peaceful and have the opportunity to create a fulfilling life.

With complex traumas in place, our energy will be consumed by inner conflicts, negative emotions, stress and repeating self-sabotage.

That is why we created a step by step breakthrough system to help you identify your inner barriers and then break though them step by step.

The courses we developed are a unique and precise system of your healing journey! 

The 7 Subconscious Beliefs That Sabotage Joy and Success

  • How to Eliminate Stress, Anxiety and Self-Sabotage in Relationships and Career and Become Supremely Confident.
  • Discover how to overcome personal restrictions and gain confidence in your own abilities.
  • In this course, I give very important details how to transform your life by understanding my book: Mastering Your Mind.

Career Development Secrets 2022 and Beyond

  • How to prepare yourself physically, psychologically and spiritually to ace the interview and shine in your job?
  • How to break through not only at the professional level, but also at the personal level?
  • What is the secret trinity to career development and job search?
  • How to have more energy, a clear head and a great can-do attitude?

Rob Szentes - Master Yourself, Master Your Life


Trauma and Life Healing System (STEP 1 of 3)

  • Do you feel that you were meant to live a more meaningful and exciting life?
  • Do you feel stressed and anxious because you don’t know how to change things around?
  • Do you feel frustrated because life is passing you by while others live your dream?
  • Is it time for you to find out how you can unleash the life and passion inside of
Rob Szentes - Expert Coach System


Trauma and Life Healing System (STEP 2 of 3)

This comprehensive training program is designed for you to become your own best trained healer and coach in the field. 

We will teach you the many secrets of the unconscious mind and how to work with it effectively. While most people are only able to scratch the surface and; therefore, not achieve lasting results, we will show you how to find the real causes of pain, anxiety, relationship issues, health problems, how to heal illnesses, how to really heal traumas, how to heal money issues and be successful every time.


Trauma and Life Healing System (STEP 3 of 3)

In this exceptional, leading-edge course you will learn the true depth of our unconscious world and the many secrets and the information it holds. 

We will deep dive into the quantum world and show you the thousands of intricacies that rule us, weigh us down, exhaust us, but yet nobody seems to know about them.