The Complete Recipe to Heal Your Deepest Wounds and Traumas and UNVEIL YOUR INNER CALLING AND PURPOSE

Part of the human journey is to free ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions and grow into a higher vibrational existence where we feel fulfilled, purposeful and where we live meaningfully.

The reason why 98 percent of the world is struggling with “life” is because they have no idea that this level of information and depth exists and the real core issues stem from this exact intricate quantum world.

That is why we created this course, so we can guide you through a systematic transformational process to leave suffering, illness, pain and confusion behind once and for all. We will show you the real reasons why we cannot let go and how that keeps us prisoners to our
own thoughts. 

We will show you why the EGO uses blame strategies and how these create complicated life circumstances that are hard to escape.

You will learn about the thousands of layers of guilt patterns we carry in our neurology from ancestral times and from past lives and you will learn how to find them and release them, so you can be free from guilt permanently.

We will teach you how to use your own judgments to find healing and despite conventional knowledge, what judgments also mean behind the scenes that nobody seems to talk about. 

You will learn about the “20,000” nasty tricks of the EGO and how its sneaky and hidden strategies will keep you exhausted and eventually cause you to burn out. We will teach you the core shadows that fuel life and act like ticking time-bombs for people, even if they have no immediate problems to report right now.

We will teach you about several additional hidden traumas we all hold, but people don’t know of them or have no recipe to properly heal them. 

We will show you how to heal these very deep layers of trauma and also how to train your mind to keep you safe from them in the future.

You will learn about your core wound and your core initiation story, which if left unhealed will limit you as to what you can achieve in your life.

We will show you how to decode your core wound and how to address it, so you can find permanent healing, find your soul’s signature, uncover your purpose and step into it without the debilitating fears.

We will teach you about our ancestral and family patterns and the devastating consequences they lead to if left unresolved.

You will learn how to clear your Akashic records and let go of old and harmful memories.

We will teach you several additional techniques and approaches so you can enjoy the life of true wealth and live a life on your terms in peace, harmony and absolute abundance.

Pre-requisite for this course is our Expert Coach Program.

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