About Us - Rob Szentes and Uli Fosselman


We help people understand that they have the power to break free from their self-constructed mental imprisonment. It has been our mission to teach the exact steps that transformed our lives from pain, suffering and negative mentality to absolute vitality, mental clarity and being in love with life!

Why is this important?

As you evolve, problems resolve. In other words, the only way for people to raise their consciousness is to do the inner work, which raises the consciousness and the things that used to present themselves as problems are no longer problems, because you have risen above them.

The more people are doing this inner work on the individual level, the higher the consciousness will rise on the planet. The more beautiful and harmonious and abundant life will be for all of us. I challenge you to become the best version of yourself yet!

About Us

Using the very principles, they teach, Rob and Uli each went from “broken” to absolute vitality, clear minded, happy and abundant. Through the inner work they felt as if they had re-invented themselves and were given the chance for a new start in life. In their teachings they combine their unique method and practical spirituality with heartfelt compassion! 

During their years of struggle, they vowed that when they solve their own challenges, they would help others do the same. They have kept their promise.

Their no-nonsense attitude cuts through all the superficial stuff, straight to the root of the problems. They believe in motivating people to take action and to rather take one step forward than stand still, which standstill already stole millions of dreams. Rob Szentes is the Author of the bestselling book “Mastering Your Mind. (You can find the book descriptions under our “Resources / Books” tab)


Rob and Uli developed several highly-acclaimed transformational programs such as:

The 7 Subconscious Beliefs That Sabotage Joy and Success

Master Yourself, Master Your Life

The Expert Coach System Leading-Edge Life and Trauma Healing Course

Quantum Core Transformation program.

These Quantum programs are a must for evolved entrepreneurship and the next generation of leadership and coaches. (You can find the course descriptions under our “Programs” tab)


Rob grew up in Hungary and immigrated to the United States at the age of 21. He became an electrical and software engineer. Unfortunately, at the age of 42, Robert found himself collapsed on the floor as a result of a stroke and this significant event changed his life forever. He was no longer able to focus the way he was used to, he was not able to put in the long hours his job required, he was not able to move freely and take care of himself, so his life as he knew it ended.

Even though he lived a very healthy lifestyle and did all the “right things” he was taught, he still burned out and ended up in a situation he never anticipated.

At this time, a friend suggested finding someone who is an expert of the subconscious mind and Robert quickly found out that all of his past pain, his relationship troubles, his emotional ups, and downs, including his stroke and the burnout were caused by the unhandled “baggage” in his subconscious mind.

This infuriated him since prior to this stroke, he went to therapy and treatments for 30 years due to inexplicable panic and anxiety attacks, physical pain, but nobody, even high-profile doctors, and therapists could not help him!

Robert began his healing journey and he started to recover faster than any doctor would have ever imagined. This recovery was due to the new approach, to focus on the subconscious programs he never knew anything about.

He was so intrigued by this amazing healing process, that he wanted to learn for himself, to heal himself fully, and be able to help other diligent, hard-working people who really want a good life, but could not achieve it because of their unhandled subconscious non-beneficial programs.

Today, Robert is enjoying perfect health, he is finally in a loving and fulfilling relationship; he has his own coaching company, teaching his developed Results Driven Coaching Techniques and methods in the USA and in Europe and he never felt younger, happier, and more fulfilled in his life. 

His life partner Uli has joined Rob’s Mission in 2012 and together they manage the Advanced Mind Institute training company to help their clients and students achieve their dreams and desires.


Uli grew up in Germany and moved to the United States at the age of 23. Throughout her childhood, she dreamt of doing something amazing and purposeful with her life. Uli studied nursing after High School because she believed at the time that this could be a way to positively influence the lives of others and bring her talents and compassion. It didn’t take very long for her to notice that the true underlying problems that people experience are not addressed and that’s why there was no real healing.

At this time, she worked in Oncology. It was very frustrating for her to see the same people return with the same cancer even though they seemed to do fine for a while. So, she decided to explore the world of hypnosis and theta meditation, and past life regression which later on led to finding her true calling. Later in life, she experienced relationship problems and divorce, followed by a severe back injury.

At this point, she promised herself that she wants to find the real reason as to why she was experiencing these problems and where exactly she took the wrong turn. She also decided that she wants to help other people prevent and heal similar challenges, once she learns how to do it for herself. Right around that time Uli met Robert, a kindred spirit and from then on it was clear what their mission together was supposed to be.

Their whole focus was on learning and researching until they finally had their own life-changing breakthroughs. Uli figured out that her map of reality can be changed and updated into one that allows life to flow. She diligently applied what she learned from many amazing masters around the world and healed herself.

Her focus has been on coaching women to overcome the obstacles that are ingrained in their DNA from the centuries of oppression and devaluation, so that they can live their full potential in life. She has translated Rob’s first book “Mastering Your Mind” to German – her native language, and she has created a highly effective Program that addresses “The 3 Most Common Money Manifestation Blocks” and the psychology of money and true abundance.


Rob and Uli’s work has become their way of life. In their free time they love to go hiking and connect with nature or ground ourselves while meditating at the beach. They enjoy getting together with their awesome adult kids over dinner and a glass of wine. 

Spirituality and ongoing learning and education will always be a huge part of their lives together!