Letting Go of What’s Not Serving Us

Our memory bank and our cellular memory is cluttered with junk. We are unconsciously holding onto thousands of years of dark stories, traumas, vengeances, shame, guilt, ancient patterns of dishonor and limitations.

All of these play out in our lives and hold us back today, but we lost the logical connection as to why we feel off, since we don’t see the correlation. But we still have real life challenges and negative experiences, because unconsciously we still carry the burden of these unreleased ancient energies.

In this next section I will give you examples and as you walk through them, you will be able to feel the positive change and a higher consciousness entering your body. These examples are true for everybody.

By letting go of our destructive programming, we will end our mental enslavement to negativity – we will be able to find peace, create prosperity and finally be able to thrive.

Most things I mention below are probably not things you think about daily and they could trigger your EGO. Exercise maturity and know that the triggers are your friends. They show you where you have wounds and unresolved memories and energies. In the new world, holding onto pain and mental junk is not an option!

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