Overcoming the Need to Compete

Competition or competing is an interesting energy, because on one hand it feels good to win and show someone that we did it or we could do it. On the other hand — and this part is off of our radar screen, when we win as a result of competition, we also caused someone else to lose.

When we claim our thunderous victory as a result of competition, we also invisibly create subtle guilt in us, because we have outdone someone else.

This creates karma, which will come back full circle. Karma is for the purposes of learning and to balance things out. Karma simply means balance.

You might need to think about this for a minute as this has been normal for thousands of years and nobody ever questioned what happens in the back of our minds when we celebrate our victories because we won at the expense of someone else!

These are all very subtle energies, so you might need time to wrap your mind around this.

If you stop and think about this for a minute, competition also has that “I’ll show you” energy, which is of anger, insecurity, cruelty and vengeance. These feelings and energies have been in us for eons, which we all have to empty out and let go of in the new world.

On the other hand, when we come from a place of:

Hey, let me show you how this works. Or let me help you become successful. I have done this already, and I can save you time and frustration.

This energy now comes from caring and sharing. There is no anger in it — there is no insecurity — there is no vengeance. There is no competition. Everybody wins.

This higher dimensional approach creates win-win situations, which allows us humans to come together and thrive. As long as we compete and compare ourselves with someone else, we create division, pain, separation and karma.

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