How do you know if trauma is holding you back?

In this blog I would like to talk about how the results of traumatic events show up in our life’s.
I used to work in a trauma hospital, and for me trauma was relative, the worse the condition of the body or the event that caused it, the heavier I thought it would influence the mind and the life of the person who experienced it.
Since I was constantly confronted with dramatic and life or death situations, I didn’t even realize that not only physical events cause the mind to experience the devastating results of trauma.
I had no idea how traumatized I was myself. I thought, just like everyone else that these symptoms are normal and we simply have to suck it up, and continue our life the best we can.
Until Rob Szentes showed me that there is a way out and we don’t have to live our life in masked misery and suffering, barely living….
He taught me how our subconscious mind interprets events and situations and how these influence our lives in the long run.
And I mean long after these things happened to us, when we think we worked through it and released whatever happened.
The human ego is very clever and covers up the pain because it wants us to survive. And this strategy works until one day…
Here are some symptoms that many people are experiencing without completely understanding why:

  • You might experience consistent fear that stops you in your tracks, especially when there is a new situation, the fear often becomes paralyzing
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Alcohol and/or Drug addiction
  • Failed or difficult relationships
  • Health conditions, such as Cancer, IBS, Immune system Issues
  • Money problems, Financial Self-Sabotage or situations where you lose money
  • Lack of trust in oneself or in life itself, not feeling supported, self-esteem and confidence challenges
  • You feel alone, even if there are many people in your life or you always have to have people or noise around you
  • Injuries or repeating injuries (even small ones are a sign that you are running a trauma pattern!)

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, then you can be sure that they have experienced one or more of the 11 forms of emotional trauma! Reach out for help, don’t let a past memory ruin your future!
– Uli


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