Why Do People Feel Aches and Pains In Their Bodies These Days?

Any thought and emotion that have we ever suppressed are now coming to the surface for us deal with.

This includes your millions of years of hurts, traumas, vengeances, manipulations and everything else accumulated in the unconscious mind.

Do not run from yourself!

Examine all aspects of yourself….even the ones you pushed away because you did not like them. Those are your shadow aspects and we have lots of them.


Healing does not come from covering up the symptoms with deflections, excuses and medication. That is hiding from the truth.

This is what made mankind so ill in their bodies and minds. The EGO’s deflections and avoidance of the truth.

Healing comes from you examining the dark corners of our mind and our heart and working on them. All of them.

When you do the inner work RIGHT you get:

Perfect health and abundance.


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