Our Inner Baggage Slows US Down

Despite years or even decades of hard work and effort, many people may find it difficult to reach their goals and desires in life. Goals and desires tend to be universal in nature as almost every one of us is interested in finding a loving relationship, obtaining good health and happiness, becoming physically and emotionally well and making more money while having time left to spend with family and friends.

All these different ideas are possible to achieve for all of us, but the majority of the population does not know the reasons why things are not happening for them. There are a few different reasons, but the biggest culprit is because most people travel through life with heavy baggage, not realizing that much of it should be left behind. This baggage slows them down from moving forward, and it gets in the way of progress.

The baggage I am talking about is the unresolved negative emotions and flawed beliefs and the thousands of internal conflicts people carry subconsciously, sabotaging them daily, outside of their conscious awareness. These deeply hidden subconscious programs are highly damaging to their emotional and physical wellbeing, and have the power to wreak havoc in their lives and on top of that we pass these belief structures down to our children.

The focus of this book is to stop the domino effect these patterns have and to create a new, functional and updated map of reality! And there is one more benefit: When you do this subconscious work, you basically remove the burdens and heaviness from yourself and the result is; a younger looking and lighter version of yourself. I have personally witnessed these phenomena thousands of times. Dark circles under the eyes disappear, the skin clears up and the face looks at least 10 years younger! The whole person becomes and stays youthful!


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