What is Mindset, Really?

The concept of “mindset” is commonly misunderstood. There are terms like “open mind” and “closed mind.” These expressions only indicate broad concepts, and they are not very meaningful to most people.

Put simply, your mindset is your psychology; your personal philosophy; your attitude how you think about circumstances and people. The way you think influences how you feel, which impacts how you make decisions, and how you behave and interact in different settings, which will be reflected by the circumstances you experience. Your mindset influences your results and the level of success in your life. This is basically what I refer to as “your map of reality”.

Happiness, wellbeing and success are functions of the mind! This is still a huge missing piece in the world and not taught widely! The few people that REALLY know it enjoy a great life. However, most people who want to achieve better results MUST adjust their mindset first to get there.

Here are two examples; the first one is to demonstrate a negative / disempowered mindset:

1. Have you seen people who are constantly depressed or angry and have excuses for everything? What are they thinking and feeling nonstop to have such reactions to life?

They probably don’t even know what it is that makes them unhappy, but likely deep in their subconscious mind there are troubling memories, unresolved negative emotions and beliefs creating their distress.

2. Here is an example for a positive and empowered mindset. Have you seen someone with a “can do” attitude? No matter what life presents to them, they take care of it and usually succeed.

Many leaders and successful entrepreneurs are good examples, who tend to view everything as a possibility and an opportunity. They also have the drive and the willingness to go for things even if there are setbacks along the way. It is likely that these people have done self-development work and learned to train their mind to be natural and unconsciously competent at success.

What is your mind’s diet? What are your continuous thoughts and feelings? What are your patterns and habits? This is important to discover and become aware of because whatever you think and feel, you actively perpetuate. What you feed your mind is what your life becomes. The problem is that more than 90 percent of what you think or feel is subconscious, and it is running all day and all night in the background without you knowing what to make of it.


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