Is it Bad to Think Negative? I don’t Know Why I am Always Thinking Negative.

As long as we are able to differentiate as positive and negative, we are living in polarities.

That’s not a problem by itself, but when you know the laws of the Universe, the negativity will be the dominant manifesting force in your life.

You still might see lots of fun and cool things, but the underlying energy is control, vengeance, power struggles, bitterness…etc. The underlying energies are the ones that run and control our lives.

Being “negatively” oriented is not a problem by itself, because it gives you the ability to smell bs. from a mile away and makes you see blind spots that others cannot.

It is an innate gift designed for survival and typically old souls have it the strongest.

However, not having these things healed, handled and integrated will keep you away from the sustainable positive stuff in the long run.

There are techniques to neutralize these polarities, since the TRUTH is neutral and is between the polarities.

Here is why it is so hard for so many people to find true, lasting healing.

Our EGO does not want us to heal these polarities, so it gives us a “cool” and powerful feeling when we are not centered.

Note that aspect also. This way the double agent EGO is not using you and not harming you and not fooling you into carrying on a harmful program.


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