Our Struggles Are Stepping Stones

I’d like to take a moment and share a few words about my personal philosophy and why I do what I do.

I have great compassion for humanity, but I must admit, as I went through my deep transformation and was shedding my layers, I had a fair share of frustrations and disappointments in humanity as well.

My soul mission is to help the human race come out of its self-destructing patterns and show them a higher standard of thinking thus a better way of life. I am here to prove that you can tear down the walls from around your heart, and that you can fully love and trust again in life and in yourself.

There are extreme amounts of inner limitations, trust and safety issues humankind has adopted, and these limitations are in the way of our ability to heal and thrive as a collective. Our healing and the removal of these limitations have become the most important topics we all must address!

Some of you may already know me. My name is Robert Szentes. I’m a transformational master coach, a spiritual leader, a teacher, and I have been helping people overcome financial, relationship, health and other life challenges. I have been helping people connect to their spiritual roots and use their powers creatively, so they can manifest what they want from a healed place.

Deep down, we all want the same things — to have a healthy body with vitality, to have healthy and prosperous friendships and relationships, to have plenty of money in the bank and to live an authentic and happy life by following our path.

These almost sound cliché, but most of us still struggle in many of these areas — trying to figure things out and trying to put our puzzle together is not always easy.

Then you could ask: why?

We all have many stories of hurt — repeating feelings of abandonment — thousands of layers of unworthiness — the traumatic experiences we went through — the exhausting crusade of searching for love and trying to find out who we really are in our core and why we are here.

I too had many traumas — much grief and frustration — multiple divorces — all sorts of medical conditions — many trials and tribulations and a long list after that.

I had my fair share of struggles, but at one point I learned something, and I wonder if you know this already or not?

This revelation was not easy to accept at first, but when I did, it was a huge breakthrough for me.


The bigger our struggles, the bigger our life purpose!


Oh, how lovely, you might say, but I really would like to know this:

When you read that, do you feel something connecting inside you?

Is there a new idea linking to something bigger, to something deeper within you?

Does this revelation give you a sigh of relief — a new level of awareness and a new way of looking at life?

The traumas, the grief, the hurt and the pain were my stepping stones and lessons to master. Tough lessons for sure, but I had to experience them, because this was the only way to see and understand the nature of such manifestations and to find a way out.

These stories helped me build a strong character and also find my weaknesses and deficiencies along the way. Without them I would have stayed in blind comfort and in blissful ignorance.

Can you see your past struggles in a similar manner? Can you see them as stepping stones? Can you see them as exercises designed to build you a strong character?

Or is there still blame and resentment towards others because they seemingly wronged you?

How do you remember your stories? What character traits do you need to let go of to feel good and be in alignment with your core?

To transmute our resentments and stop the blames we project onto the world, it is important to continue working on ourselves and evolve!

When we do that, the bigger picture gets unveiled to us layer by layer, and our path and our direction becomes clear!

We understand why things were happening and we can see the hidden connections. This makes everything so much easier, and with this understanding we can find healing and let go of our pain and thus emerge.

On the other hand, if we don’t work on ourselves and do not evolve, the same story gets shown to us time and time again just like in Groundhog Day!

This is where most people are stuck and why humanity is in so much confusion and pain today. There is no change and no inner work!

I spent years learning about what trapped thoughts and emotions in me contributed to my troubles.

Sometimes the years felt like lifetimes. But through perseverance and willpower, I was able to decode the nature of the beast and tackle my repeating traumas, my heartbreaks, my hurtful stories and painful memories.

My personal experience and thousands of client success stories from around the world gave me a sincere appreciation for our healing power.

But I also learned that these things will not transmute by themselves — I had to put conscious effort into working through them and then I could rise above the pain and create a new story I actually liked.

The true healing was granted to me when I changed my habits — changed my physical environment, and changed my mindset and thinking patterns.

This is why my personal philosophy is to address problems from a physical, mental and a spiritual angle.

This way, the healing will be complete. We can stop the looping negative thoughts and stories — have our sanity back and create joy and bliss in our lives.

In this book, I will share suggestions from these different angles and give you ideas, which you can implement easily.


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