Understand Your Worth and Go for What You Want

Every single one of us is born worthy! In fact, in the eyes of the Universe and in the eyes of God, we are worthy beyond what we can perceive. The Universe is expanding because of us and because of our experiences. We are here to create and through our experiences and contrasts we add to the collective consciousness the wisdom and the knowledge we have gathered. Ultimately, we are the Universe! We are everything and all that there is. The expansion of the Universe depends upon us.

This ability, this notion already makes us so worthy that most people have a difficult time perceiving this concept in its true capacity. Why then the strange challenges, billions of people face every day?

Almost every single one of us has faced or struggled with different aspects of unworthiness whether we knew it or not. Most of these struggles were the results of several misperceptions and negative emotions.

Our perceptions (the way we see things) control our lives, create events and circumstances. Misperceptions cause pain and in many instances, they have the power to destroy us!

Our perceptions about worthiness have been reversed for hundreds of generations. These misperceptions are the main reason behind suffering.

What is worthiness from most people’s perspective? To put simply, their worthiness is their assessment of how valuable THEY think of themselves in a specific context or circumstance. This is only their assessment, and nobody else’s! It is self-imposed. The divine worthiness we all have been given became tainted and denied by most people, because of past mistakes and past circumstances where hurt and failures took place.

Once the mind accepted these assessments, it began to hold onto them rather rigidly and pigheadedly. It began to mask the original hurts and failures and created new cover-up stories. New excuses and justifications were put in place to hide our lowered self-worth in an effort to avoid facing up to our shame and guilt we imposed upon ourselves in the past.

Low self-worth issues (lack of worthiness) are extremely common, but they are NOT evident! There are thousands of ways these negative subconscious programs show up, but most of them are unfamiliar and also hidden.

However, the ego is very aware of them, and it cleverly covers these issues up and hides them behind programs of neediness, sickness and self-sacrificial behaviors.

When we undervalue ourselves because of negative subconscious programs about our lack of worthiness, our relationships, finances and even our health will suffer. Misperceptions about worthiness create the biggest roadblocks and blind spots for people!


Without doing the subconscious change work, you will recreate again and again the old patterns. There are many, many destructive beliefs running in the subconscious mind, leading to the feelings of unworthiness, and therefore repeated problems!

Worthiness is eternal, and it is ours to claim.
It never disappears or goes away.

This next short segment is written in a meditative way, so read it over and over again to integrate it.

“As you learn and change the old negative limiting belief patterns and replace them with positive and beneficial perceptions, you can realize that you are worthy and you can begin to feel it, now.

Eliminate the tug of war within. Learn to love and appreciate your journey and all of your experiences! You will feel the way the soul within you feels about you, feeling truly, infinitely worthy, now.”


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