The Necessity to Unlearn Things

What does the word “unlearn” mean to you? Do you feel like Yoda is talking? Does the word excite you — bother you — trigger you? Are you neutral about it?

Let all thoughts and feelings surface without suppressing them and I will show you something very interesting.

There were many things that we have learned that no longer hold true. Some things we learned and accepted as true were incorrect perceptions from the get-go. The way we interpret pain, for example, or the way we interpret negative experiences, or the way we interpret challenges in our lives and so on.

But the tricky part is that once we think something is true, we become attached to the idea and we want to hold onto it, even if it’s not true and harms us.

This is the reason why so many people are stuck and not able to change. They are not able to unlearn things and let things go. They cannot surrender to a different and bigger world.

Unlearning things and letting go is not an easy thing to do. Our own EGO will attack new ideas and it will throw tantrums, because it wants to keep us where we are. Our deep and dark part of the EGO will resist real change and will make us fight for the old and dysfunctional and fight against good and benevolent.

However, once we transcend our EGO and train our mind to unlearn the things we no longer need, we can stop making fools of ourselves and create a life that is of prosperity, progress and fun.

In the next chapter, I will list several ideas that we need to let go of and I will tell you why.

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