What Our Eyes Cannot See

There is so much I want to say. But I also know that our mind learns in a linear fashion just like a drip system. If the information is too much at once, we check out and switch to something less taxing.

So, I will drip in words of wisdom from here on with the intention of helping people wake up and transition to a new and prosperous world.

To my surprise, there are only about a million people in this world today who really know what is happening behind the scenes. Over seven billion people have no idea that we have been given our freedom back while were living our hamster wheel lives and focusing on daily routine activities and survival!

What freedom some might ask? What has happened? The questions will be answered soon.

We are entering a brand new world which is not obvious to most people. For me and my colleagues, we knew of this transformation for over ten years and it is so good to finally see the positive changes unfold. I must admit, we were impatient and irritated for the last two years and wondered what is taking so long for humanity to wake up and snap out of their destructive slumber.

Some have awakened to a small degree, but there is a new requirement from all of us, which is to wake up even more. Much more!

Wake up to what we have created unconsciously through our chaotic minds, through our unhealed and broken hearts and through our lack of awareness, even while we slept.

The great news is that all mistakes are fixable and correctable, so now the task is to do the correction.

We as a human species have been looking at the wrong things for eons. We have not seen the things we were supposed to see, because our eyes are very limited instruments, which block more than 95 percent of what is in front of us. Thus most of our conclusions and assessments are distorted and incorrect, but this is not obvious while we are asleep.

Our hearts are the real instruments of truth and divine direction. But since billions of us walk around with a toxified mind and a shattered heart, it is a miracle when somebody finds clarity and a way out of this chaos.

There is much learning and healing we humans need to do as we come together as one and leave our insecurities, our comparisons and competition behind.

It is time for a new truth and time for us to wake up and claim our new freedom! It is time to take responsibility for it in spite of what the news and the media outlets portray.

Soon the smoke screen will fall and we will be shown a very different truth from what we thought was happening!

A new and benevolent world is here. Can we claim it and stand up for it?

The answer is yes, because we must!



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